Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Year Later - PTSD and Hope

Coming off of all the psych meds was not a final solution for my wife, but it gave her a new chance to find the true source of her struggles for so many years. Once she was off of all of the meds, she could finally feel the true feelings and intense confusion resulting from childhood sexual abuse. She is now still working through the process of coming to terms with what happened and the "normal" cycle of recovery from PTSD. It's been over a year since all the meds were gone. Still got a way to go in therapy, but she has hope and knows the main source of her struggles now, giving her a path to follow for freedom.

If you are a Christian and are suffering emotionally/mentally, take heart. Although most people in the church have no clue what to do or how to relate to someone with severe mental illness or problems, God has more than a clue, and He can direct you to the right path. Just want everyone to be careful about what and how many medications you are put on. Please read earlier posts on this topic. We are not against meds, just for full knowledge of what they are intended for and how long someone should stay on them.

God bless all of you who are suffering with mental health issues as a Christian. You are far from alone. You are in the company of a very large number of people, probably even in your own church. My wife and I are hoping to be able to provide resources to churches in coming years to help them to understand and better assist those who struggle with mental health and with psych meds in the church. See earlier posts for some places online to go for support.


At 3:19 AM, Blogger Peter Stone said...

Hi, was checking if this blog name was used, and stumbled across your blog.
I think many churches/Christians are in the dark when it comes to depression, many thinking it is something that can be 'snapped out of,' or can be cured by positive thinking, or by an instant miracle. But recovery is normally a long process. (5 years in my case.)
I've written many articles about depression from a Christian perspective. Feel free to visit. There's a post about the wilderness as well.


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